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Who are we?

FirmHugger is founded by Esben Larsen & Karsten Olsen. They both live in Copenhagen (Denmark).

image of Esben

Esben Larsen

Esben loves to make big plans and work passionately with friends to make them happen - using his seemingly endless lists to make sure everything is on track. He is a bit of a sports fanatic and a big fan of beer and coffee!

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image of Karsten

Karsten Bjerring Olsen

Trained as an economist, Karsten has an unexpected love for fiddling with design, web development and other creative tasks. In addition to his vision for promoting ethical living he is also fond of rowing, buddhism, and Ruby on Rails.

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image of Victor

Victor Emanouilov

Victor is the coding wizard at FirmHugger, working his magic from Sofia (Bulgaria).

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