About FirmHugger

Read about the idea behind FirmHugger, and why it matters

Thank you

We could not have made FirmHugger possible without the support, help and input from a lot of different people. This page is dedicated to them.



YES! Big thanks to YOU. Without you there would be little point in doing what we are doing.

Image of Alberto

Alberto Santini

This awesome Italian dude helped us build the first version of FirmHugger. Ah, we had some great times :)

Image of Mark

Mark Olsen

Mark help us animate our demo video. If you are looking for a demo video then check out his other work here.

Caitlin Maruno and Brendon Tyler

Caitlin and Brendon did an awesome in job putting the voiceover together for our demo video. We really like their engaging voices :)

Ruby on Rails hotshots

Laust Rud Jacobsen and Bastien Vaucher have been really helpful in providing great technical advice, suggestions and feedback.

Private beta test users

Thank you for all the comments that you provided during our private testing. It was really helpful.


This woman took the wonderful photo that we are using on our sign in and join pages. Check out her photo stream on flickr.

Open source projects and free services


Ruby on Rails

FirmHugger is buildt with Ruby on Rails (RoR). This is an open-source web development framework that's optimized for programmer happiness and beautiful code :) Check it out!

Twitter Bootstrap

This front-end framework has helped us introduce little cool functions and graphics with ease. Read more about it here.


Awesome little graphics to spice FirmHugger up are provided by FontAwesome.